Caloray Disc is designed and engineered in Australia. For technical information please see the specifications below.


Electrical Information, Approvals & Specs

Australia / New Zealand Part No Power Voltage (volts) Current (amps) Approval
(Watts) (BTUs)
Caloray Disc 15005 2000 6824 240 8.4

Caloray Product Range dimensions


Caloray is compatible with Home Automation and other branded switches, controllers and timers.

Contact us to find out more how Caloray Heater can work with your Home Automation system.


One of the most effective ways to heat people is to ensure an even coverage. It is recommended to heat from two sides as this helps present cold spots. Caloray has been designed to be used in multiples to cover larger areas.

Caloray Diagram


The area that is heated is dependant upon the heater height, ambient temperature, how protected the area is and the number of heaters. The table below shows the approximate area that can be expected to be heated. For a larger area, use multiple heaters.

Caloray Heated Area

As a radiant heater, Caloray is most effective between 2.1 to 2.7m from the ground. Above this height, use Caloray as a convective heater. Shown here is the wall mounting bracket.
Caloray Heated Height

When used in a sheltered location, Caloray will be both a convective heater, heating the air. Caloray will also be a radiant heat within 2.7m.
Caloray Heated Height

Install Caloray according to local building rules. It is recommended to use an RCD (Residual Current Device) or Safety Switch. See our products page for a range of wall controllers.

Caloray Heated Height


  Weather Protection

The international Protection Rating covered by the standard IEC 60529, also known as the Ingress Protection Rating (IPxx) classifies the protection of electrical appliances.

The first number defines protection from solid objects, for example, hands, fingers, wire and dust. The second number defines the protection from liquids, eg. water. The Caloray Disc is rated to IP55, it can be mounted outside and hosed down with water from all directions.

The disc is electrically sealed internally to be suitable for all conditions. It is also suitable for snow alpine as well as high salinity coastal installations.

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