The Caloray Disc needs to be installed by a qualified and experienced electrician. It needs to be installed according to the local building codes. This information is country specific and needs to be checked with your electrician.

All information here is general in nature and is the latest and up to date as possible.Consult your Home Automation supplier for the latest in equipment and features.


The Caloray Disc radiant heater can be controlled by various controls. It can be controlled by wall switches, remote controls, tablet, voice control and even your phone.

Caloray Disc is able to be dimmed. The Home Automation system needs to be able to vary the voltage. Most systems are unable to vary the voltage due to the current and voltage load of the heater.

Multiple heaters can also be controlled by one switch. Also known as zone heating, large installations with multiple heaters can be split up into zones. The advantage of zones being specific areas can be controlled when being utilised. Zones can also control the temperature of a larger area, by only having half the heaters ON at a time (or any other division of heaters).


The Caloray Disc can be controlled by a relay and wireless wall switch. The relay is hardwired to the rear of the heater. It physically turns the power to the heater ON and OFF. The wireless wall switch needs to be located within 80′ of the relay. The signal can go through walls.

The other advantage of the relay is that it has a built in Auto-Off timer. It can be programmed to turn the heaters OFF after 30, 60 or 120 minutes.

This is a stand alone system and is not compatible with other systems.
Part Name
Part Number
Relay HUSA05
Single Wall Switch HUSA03
Double Wall Switch HUSA04


Home Automation systems vary from simple lighting control to full automation of blinds, pool, spa, music, air conditioning and heating. Caloray heaters can be programmed and controlled by using a home Automation system.
These systems include:
  • Lutron
  • Leviton
  • Control4
  • Savant
  • Crestron
When using a home automation system. All you need from Caloray is the heaters. Your Home Automation supplier will supply all the controls.
Let your supplier know which heater you have, so they can specify the correct HVAC controller (relay).


For controls like Alexa and Google Home, there are available plug in devices. Also known as smart plugs.

Smart Plugs for sale

Plug the smart plug into a GPO with a dedicated electrical line with a minimum of 10 amps and 240 volts. (The heater draws 8.3 amps). The Caloray Disc comes with a cable and plug. Plug it into the device, then control with your phone, tablet or even voice activation.
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